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Training Programs

Bachelor’s Degree Track

Obtain 1,500 flight hours, a Bachelor’s Degree and fly as an Airline Pilot in 3 years

The CAA Career Pilot Program Bachelor’s Degree Track offers you the flight ratings necessary to start an airline career on top of a bachelor’s degree from our education partners or local universities. Work as an Flight Instructor after the first year. Complete the program in 3 years and start flying as an airline pilot.

Non-Bachelor’s Degree Track

Zero experience to career ready

The Career Pilot Program Non-Bachelor’s Degree Track is for driven Individuals focused on starting their aviation career on a fast track. The program is designed to take a full-time trainee from zero flight time to 300 flight hours with the licenses and ratings necessary to pursue an aviation career.

14 day flight aptitude program for prospective student

Are you a good fit for our fast-paced Career Pilot Program? What it’s like to be a student pilot? The Flight Screening Program is here to answer those questions. This fully Immersive training curriculum is designed to take a student from Zero Flight Experience to Solo Flight ready with 20 flight hours. Based on performance, we can tailor our Career Pilot Program to match your specific needs.

Regain proficiency or advance to the next level of pilot qualification

Individual Courses are designed for pilots who are looking to get an additional rating, gain flight hours or would like to train on a part-time basis. All of our full-time student qualifications are available to part-time students.

Individualized training that matchs your needs

Dream to be a pilot but work a full-time job? Want to start learning to fly at age 15? Have existing pilot ratings and want to get back on track? Let’s make a path that works for you! We will create a flight training plan that best fits your circumstances.

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